The ultimate platform to backtest and analyze global portfolios

Discover our groundbreaking visual portfolio builder with worldwide ETFs, mutual funds and stocks that manages rebalancing, dividend reinvestment and many more features!

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Focus on the creating. Build, Backtest and Analyze.

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Worldwide Data

Get access to ETFs, mutual funds and stocks from 60+ exchanges.


From daily to yearly, see how different rebalancing frequencies affect your portfolio.

Reinvest Dividends

Don't settle for adjusted prices, find out which investments generate dividends and reinvest them in your portfolio.

In-depth Risk Analysis

Get advanced risk metrics of your portfolio to see what drives performance.

Import & Export

Import your portfolio from you broker, monitor it right from the app and export positions, orders and NAV.

PDF Reports

Generate reports to quickly share a risk and performance summary of a portfolio. More on that here.



A groundbreaking visual portfolio builder

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